The Fifth Wall Interactive theater for the 21st century.

Red Cloud Rising

July 9 – September 24, 2011
The Brick Theater, Brooklyn, NY
part of Game Play: A celebration of video game performance art

Created by Gyda Arber
Technical Wizardry by Aaron Baker
with Tom Reid and Art Wallace

From the award-winning creator of the hit iPod noir Suspicious Package comes an entirely new adventure! Alternate Reality Gaming meets theater in Gyda Arber’s Red Cloud Rising, a tale of Wall Street power that unfolds via text message, putting the audience directly in the show. NOTE: Performed off-site in lower Manhattan. A cell phone is required.

2–3 hours, depending on your group’s speed

“An innovative, genre-defying entertainment . . . Call it an alternate-reality game played in primary reality. Call it avant-garde performance art. Call it whatever you want. I just call it brilliant.”—New York Times

“It will transform the way in which you view its slice of the city—which is ostensibly what theater’s meant to do in the first place. This sort of site-specific engagement, which encourages Internet-based world-building outside of the show (which is already out of the theater), speaks to a very bright future of theater.”—That Sounds Cool

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