The Fifth Wall Interactive theater for the 21st century.


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April 18—26, 2014
Film Society Lincoln Center

November 2, 2013—March 1, 2014
The Brick Theater

October 3, 2013
Bushwick Film Festival

April 28–29, 2012
Film Society Lincoln Center
part of StoryHack: Beta

Created by Gyda Arber, Brian Fountain, Allen Hahn and David Gochfeld
with Eric Bailey, Lindsey Carter, Josephine Cashman, Audrey Crabtree, Linus Gelber, Richard Harrington, Andrew Linderman, Victoria Miller and Nikolas Priest

Set in a future devastated by “The Cataclysm,” which makes finding a fertile mate more challenging than ever, FutureMate will help audience members locate that special someone (free of the Nightwalker mutation, of course). Come see all the benefits that await you while doing your part to rebuild our great nation. An immersive experience that combines film, theater, and web-based storytelling, FutureMate is a wickedly funny satire about life, love, and the modern surveillance state that should not be missed!

Created by Gyda Arber, Brian Fountain, David Gochfeld, and Allen Hahn, FutureMate was the winner of StoryHack Beta, StoryCode’s first story-centric hackathon hosted at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. The full experience premiered at The Brick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2013. In addition to the theatrical experience, the FutureMate story world spans multiple platforms that include: (a government-run dating site); a two-minute commercial for the FutureMate system, (an anti-government manifesto); a guerilla-style anti-government print campaign; ‘in-world’ Twitter feeds; as well as a phone-based speed-dating experience to pair audience members with one another.

“This untraditional theatre experience makes for a fun night of laughter and post-apocalyptic love matches.”—Theater Is Easy

“feels simultaneously current, relevant, and absurd through a skillful tapping of the bizarre experiences we now willingly submit ourselves to in the world of online dating and drone strikes.” —Greenpointers

“A transmedia performance art piece that immerses the audience in a world eerily similiar to yet entirely unlike our own. It’s also really, really funny.”—NYU Local

“the theme of love and connection underscores the piece in a fun and engaging way, and I highly recommend it.”—Brokelyn

“A full immersion into world building; a genre-bending glimpse of the possibilities that arise when theater artists take an audience’s willingness to suspend disbelief and stretch that willingness to its very limits.”—NY Theater Now

“StoryCode’s ”Story Hack:Beta” challenged an intriguing mix of artists and techies to erase the boundaries between old and new forms of storytelling during a 36-hour hackathon.”—Forbes

“In the end, creativity, strong storytelling and presentation won the judges’ and audience members’ hearts, with [FutureMate] emerging victorious.”—Washington Post

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