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March 9 – 26, 2011
The Brick Theater, Brooklyn, NY
Part of The Iranian Theater Festival

by Siavash Pakrah, translated by Dr. Wendy Coyle
Directed by Gyda Arber
Starring Josh Mertz, Damon Owlia, and Melissa Roth

Three slaves, entombed in their Master’s crypt, search for faith, meaning and a way out of their prison. Before their air is gone. And before The Master arrives. Join us in a world of double and triple meanings that sheds light on contemporary Iran, where one thing always stands for another. Written and performed in Tehran last year in the aftermath of Iran’s disputed elections, Ka is translated into English and performed outside Iran for the first time.

“On the surface, it’s a thrilling adventure with a cynical edge. Deep beneath lies a complex psychodrama and a treasure of insight into modern Iran.”—New York Theater Review

“Rich in black ironies . . . sixty stark minutes of hammer descending mercilessly to nail.”—Frontline, PBS

“A strange and unsettling work, well suited to the dark, intimate space of The Brick.”—J.B. Spins

60 minutes

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